From critical medical emergencies to urgent patient transfers, our air ambulance service ensures timely and safe transportation, equipped with the expertise and resources to deliver superior care wherever needed.


What We Offer


Swift air transport for critical medical cases from remote areas to advanced facilities.


We prioritize safety by following aviation regulations. Your security is our priority.

Emergency call and coordination

When an emergency call is received, our highly trained dispatch team springs into action. They gather crucial information about the patient’s condition, location, and medical needs. Our dispatchers work closely with the medical crew and pilots to assess the situation and determine the most appropriate aircraft and resources for the mission

Rapid response and patient evaluation

Our air ambulance fleet, with helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, boasts advanced medical gear and experienced staff. Rapidly mobilized crews, including skilled pilots and medical personnel provide swift responses. On-site, they assess, stabilize, medicate, and initiate life-saving interventions with expert precision, ensuring top-notch care in challenging situations.

Swift and safe air transport

The patient is carefully transferred to the aircraft using specialized equipment and techniques to ensure their comfort and safety during the flight. The crew maintains constant communication with receiving medical facilities to provide updates and ensure appropriate preparations are made for the patient’s arrival.​

Seamless handover and continuity of care

​Upon arrival at the destination, our medical crew coordinates with receiving medical personnel for a seamless handover. They provide a detailed report on the patient’s condition, treatments administered, and other critical information to ensure continuity of care. Our medical team remains available for any necessary assistance during the transition.


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